Aug 23, 2012

The most knowledgeable person on old and new home video games and video game systems!  Brett will be selling and autographing his books and looking to buy and trade games!  

Aug 19, 2012


 John Wooley returns to OAFCON with new books for his legion of fans!~
JOHN WOOLEY is the author, co-author, or editor of more than 25 books. They include his two newest, Shot in Oklahoma, a history of made-in-Oklahoma movies for the University of Oklahoma Press that was recently named Outstanding Book on Oklahoma History for 2011 by the Oklahoma Historical Society, and a biography of horror-movie director Wes Craven, The Man and His Nightmares, for John Wiley and Sons. Other recent works include his novelGhost Band; The Miracle Squad, a graphic novel reprinting – with the addition of new material – the comic-book series he did with artist Terry Tidwell in the 1980s; Forgotten Horrors Vol. 5: The Atom Age and Forgotten Horrors Comics & Stories, the latest volumes in his ongoing series with co-authors Michael H. Price and Jan Alan Henderson; The Home Ranch, written with famed Osage rancher John Hughes; and From the Blue Devils to Red Dirt: The Colors of Oklahoma Music, one of only three books commissioned by the Oklahoma Centennial Commission and a finalist for the 2007 Oklahoma Book Award.

Aug 18, 2012

We are pleased to confirm that Bud Plant will again be attending OAFCON.. no table this year as Bud has come to BUY and visit with friends and old customers ! 

So this year I'm doing Houston Rare Book Fair on Saturday but have already made reservations to fly up Sunday morning and spend the day at OAF.
    I hope to have Ken Sanders with me (of Cosmic Aeroplane fame, his store in Salt Lake and the pedigree collection he found). He also published The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey, illustrated by R. Crumb. He collects Ditko, Atlas and offbeat 1950s comics See you all soon.. Bud

Aug 17, 2012

                   COMING TO OAFCON

We will be promoting and selling the first issues of Nadir's Zenith, the sci-fi comic Jackson wrote and I illustrated, and I will be selling prints of my work as well.

Brief description of Nadir's Zenith (Pronounced 'Nay-dur, not 'nay-deer'):
With the advent and harnessing of hyperspace technology, mankind left for the stars with reckless abandon. In the year 2112, corporations are the off-world governments policed by the Intergalactic Peace Corps. Follow the adventures of IPC Space Marshal, Captain John Nadir on his adventures through the galaxy. "Nadir's Zenith" is Space Opera, 100 years in the making!

link to purchase Nadir's Zenith online

Aug 16, 2012


For 53 years Oklahoma late-night horror movie fans have watched COUNT GREGORE and his ghoulish friends entertain us at every commercial break. 
John Ferguson as Count Gregore started in 1959 on WKY-TV late night Saturdays with SHOCK THEATRE and the classic Universal horror films. Over the years his character developed into more skits and humorous happenings. Fortunately for us COUNT GREGORE will be at OAFCON signing autographs, poseing for photos, and telling great stories of his acting career. Count Gregore will be appearing with ROSEBUD RADIO, a new internet radio station playing old time radio shows all the time!  Come visit with Paul Cardin  and Count G. and learn about old time radio and  hear all the projects Count G is currently involved with. He's more popular than ever!!!  And we are honored to have him as a guest at OAFCON !!
    check it out at :   


Jack and Carole Bender are in their second decade of producing 
the Alley Oop comic strip for 650 newspapers worldwide with a 
combined readership of 26 million daily.
Jack has drawn Alley Oop since 1991 and Carole began as 
letterer and assistant in 1992. After teaming with Dave Graue as 
writer for 10 years, Carole became the sole writer in 2001. She also 
does all the finish work on the computer including shading, colouring 
and electronic filing. 
The Benders, who live in Tulsa, are the only husband-and-wife
team in the comics.
The Alley Oop comic strip, Sunday and daily, also is available 
on the Internet.