Aug 16, 2012


For 53 years Oklahoma late-night horror movie fans have watched COUNT GREGORE and his ghoulish friends entertain us at every commercial break. 
John Ferguson as Count Gregore started in 1959 on WKY-TV late night Saturdays with SHOCK THEATRE and the classic Universal horror films. Over the years his character developed into more skits and humorous happenings. Fortunately for us COUNT GREGORE will be at OAFCON signing autographs, poseing for photos, and telling great stories of his acting career. Count Gregore will be appearing with ROSEBUD RADIO, a new internet radio station playing old time radio shows all the time!  Come visit with Paul Cardin  and Count G. and learn about old time radio and  hear all the projects Count G is currently involved with. He's more popular than ever!!!  And we are honored to have him as a guest at OAFCON !!
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