Sep 24, 2012


Celebrating 25 years as an artist in the independent comics industry. His first foray in comics was a one-shot "The Celestial Man" which won an award for specialty writing. Then doing "Chuk the Barbaric" vignettes for a fantasy series "Dark Regions" which led to Chuk getting his own series. Next came the series, "Heroines Inc." which was hailed as the first all-female hero book that didn't rely on the characters exposing themselves in really tight outfits. Mike took a step back to edit and draw with a group of writers and artists to produce "Rough Cut: The Anthology". After a short break to do gallery art projects Mike came back to write, draw and produce "Rough Cut Presents" which introduced some new characters such as "The Bruiser" and "Six 2 Two" and brought back "Heroines Inc." Mike's recent work has been seen in " Weird Zombie Horror", "Worse Case Scenarios", "Reasonably Priced Comics" and  the series "Celtic Knights". And upcoming projects "Jack Spade" ( with Scott Sackett), "Captain Kraken", Crissy Carrots (with Rock Baker) and an untitled graphic novel with Rock Baker.

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